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C-Suite Conversation: An Interview with Heather Whaling, Founder of Geben

Heather Whaling, who founded the PR firm Geben at her dining room table in Columbus, Ohio, 9 years ago, is a longtime proponent of public relations (PR) professionals acting as technologists. "The majority of PR happens in and around online now," she says, pointing to how brands successfully leverage social media channels such as Snapchat and Facebook.Read More >>


Why Marketing Teams Are a Cyber-Target

Marketing companies are the perfect target for cybersecurity attacks. Here's why, and how to stop them. Read More >>

What Do Buyers Really Want in a Digital Experience Platform?

The assumption that organizations would buy a single-vendor DXP based on the number of parts within said solution is at odds with what our analysts and consultants were seeing across companies of all sizes and industry sectors. We decided that it was time for voice-of-the-buyer, fact-based insight that would separate DXP myths from reality.Read More >>

Video Popularity Still on the Rise: Opportunities for Publishers

According to a worldwide survey from Google and Statista, video consumption is popular, ranging from a consumer consumption high of 95% in Saudi Arabia to a low of 54% in South Africa. In the U.S., 85% of internet users say they watch online video. That popularity has spurred the use of video not only for information and entertainment, but also for marketing.Read More >>

Meet the 2018 EContent 100 Judging Team

Here are the 10 professionals who decided ?which companies would make the EContent 100.Read More >>

Meet the 18th Annual EContent 100 Winners

This year's EContent 100 list includes companies that are changing with the times and some that are leading the charge. Find out which 100 companies made this year's list of companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry.Read More >>

EContent 100 2018: Categories

Here we define the categories we use to acknowledge the EContent 100 Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry.Read More >>

An Interview with Chao Li, Product Manager of Emergin Platforms, Group Nine Media

As product manager of emerging platforms at Group Nine Media, a family of digital media brands, Chao Li's primary responsibilities are to identify new technologies that will help all of Group Nine's brands (NowThis, The Dodo, Seeker, and Thrillist) create more impactful storytelling and share stories across diverse platforms.Read More >>

How to Spot Influencer Fraud: Five Red Flags

If you're interested in adding influencer marketing to your strategy this year but have questions about how to separate the real influencers from the frauds, we have five tips to help you vet your partners. Read More >>

Q&A: Quark's Gavin Drake on Content Automation Trends

Automation is everywhere. Whether you're checking out at the grocery store or calling your bank, automating the task is an option. New research from Quark and Information Today, Inc. says as more organizations seek to embrace digital transformation, they are turning to content automation as a way to deliver information quickly and effectively to their customers and employees. We interviewed Gavin Drake, Vice President of Marketing for Quark Software Inc. about the research and what it means for the digital content industry.Read More >>

How Google Is Addressing Fake News

The U.S. midterm elections are nearly upon us, and digital platforms like Google and Facebook are still figuring out how to deal with fake news. Learn more about how Google is addressing the credibility issue.Read More >>
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